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Welcome to the War
Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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Jacob Garrison


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Age: 45

Race: Human

Occupation: Leader of the Guardians, Academic.

Allegiance: The Guardians

Appearance: Stood at a tall six foot and two inches Jacob was always blessed with height growing up, but it was not until he reached fifteen years old that he began to surpass his schoolmates. Along with his natural height Jacob was always taught, by his mother, to stand up straight because slouching was for lazy people. He tries to keep his physique lean and fit, but with the passage of time into his greater age, and job that doesn’t require high activity at all times, he has allowed himself to gain a little more weight that he is used to.

Jacob’s hair, originally light brown, has started to grey around his temples. The day when he saw those first few grey hairs protruding like beacons out of the side of his head was a day met with despair. He hated it for a few weeks, but as more white hairs started to grow he came to accept the natural passing of time. He flitted with the idea of dying his hair once, but it was met with disastrous results. He has dark green eyes that bear a striking resemblance to the colour of moss. Jacob has rugged good looks that are usual matched with a few days’ growth of stubble and fading tan from years spent on archaeological digs in hot climates.

In terms of clothing tastes Jacob has two styles. When he is at work he goes for smart trousers, shirts and suits, but he knows that style of dress is not always practical. When out on assignment with the Guardians to rescue an endangered supernatural creature or carrying out field research he dresses comfortably in jeans, combat trousers, t-shirts and other warm attires. A requisite in his line of work is that his clothes should be free flowing if he needs to make a quick escape or engage with a target.

Personality: In his old age Jacob has become a stickler for excellence. It is something he demands of his students, his colleagues and himself. An old mantra of his mother’s, which she whispered to him at a young age, never left him; “Do it right, or don’t do it at all.” This mantra became a personal motto for the man as he grew up and went into his academic studies. He has never been one to slack off work or push it to the side. He will tackle the problem put in front of him, not shirk his responsibilities.

A member of the loosely organised group; The Guardians, Jacob has long held the belief that every living creature on this planet be they human or otherwise. He is a caring soul and has a kind spirit for he hates seeing things in pain. Despite his demand for excellence, he would never go out of his way to insult a member of his team, but encourage them to better themselves and would offer the support they needed.

Jacob has always led a very private life. What he does in his private life is not the concern of anyone else, in his opinion, and because of that he can sometimes appear distant and isolated. This is true to an extent, he loves nothing better than locking himself in his library with his vast array of books and read for hours, but when someone breaks down that initial barrier it is clear to the world what a warm and welcoming man he is.

History: Born to Harold and Katherine Garrison in Bethnal Green, Jacob is the eldest child of four. His early childhood was a struggle for his parents living in such a poor area of the country, but their resolve to do better and ensure that their children do better than they did was never doubted. Both his parents, while uneducated and working in manual labour jobs, pushed their son to exceed their lives and forge one for his own.

His family life was not always stable. Jacob’s father liked to drink and was prone to violent mood swings when angered, however his mother was always able to calm him down. Due to this Jacob found solace in education, which paired well with his mother’s desire for him to do well in life. Academic subjects such as history, English, geography and religious studies intrigued him from the start of his scholastic career. When he was at school he was confident and sure of himself in class, which was something the school bullies latched onto very quickly.

When he reached his teens he was set on going to university to study history. It was his favourite subject at secondary school and showed a great aptitude for learning about the various histories that enriched the planet. His love of history was deepened further when he was accepted to Cambridge University. There he met students that shared his love of learning and set a fire trial behind him in his dedication to his degree. He graduated with a first class honours degree and was immediately accepted onto a PhD programme under his favourite professor researching Ancient Civilisations.

Upon gaining his doctorate he was approached by a member of the DPA. The creatures he had learnt about were true and they needed someone with his expertise in ancient history on a new field team there were establishing. He gladly accepted the position as an academic researcher, eventually reaching the position as the Chief of his department. He stayed with the DPA for a good number of years and met Doctor Anna Roberts, but became increasingly disillusioned with the organisation as a whole. He came to believe that they were not committed to the safety of the creatures they were studying, which was paramount to Jacob.

He left the DPA on good terms and returned to academia with a cover story of an extended and isolated field assignment in South America. A newly tenured professor, Jacob’s academic work centred around a resurgence of mythology and its links to ancient history, something that he was more than qualified, with his experience in the DPA, to do.

It was not long after his return to academia that he encountered the group called The Guardians, a loose organisation committed to the preservation of supernatural creatures and providing aid to any creature that needed it. The Guardians appealed to Jacob in two ways; their dedication to expanding human knowledge of the preternatural and to their preservation of the preternatural. He joined without hesitation. However, when he joined he encountered an organisation that was badly organised and unable to deal with the requests that they received daily. It opened Jacob’s eyes for he knew that the Guardians would soon be the sole factor standing between open war between humans and the preternatural. Jacob set about reforming the organisation in a lean machine that was able to handle its workload, he also developed financial contacts across the Globe that supported the Guardian’s mission. It wasn’t long after that he was elected the leader of the Guardians by its membership.

Jacob now splits his time between the Guardians and maintaining his cover as a Professor of Ancient History.
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Jacob Garrison
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