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Welcome to the War
Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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 Lady Senka

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Lady Senka


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Age: 3012

Race: Vampire – true born

Occupation: Leader of Chthon’s

Allegiance: Chthon’s

Appearance: Tight dark curls frame Senka’s ivory white face. She is slender, and her eyes are normally green, except for the red hue that all vampires have. Standing at around 5”10’ she is quite tall, and supports all the curves a woman should. She dresses lavishly, preferring to show her status off with rich clothes and expensive jewellery though when the time calls for it, she dresses simply.

Personality: Ruthless and cold hearted she cares for nothing save her sister , her husband and their own glory. Every vampire beneath her is nothing more than means to an end and is considered in her eyes disposable. She is highly intelligent and has a sound tactical mind, but she is not so foolish enough to be arrogant about it. She has a way with words and can make the worst job, sound like the greatest job ever and has a talent for planting her own ideas in people minds. Manipulative and cunning to the end.

History: Born the younger of two daughters to Lord and Lady Drake, Senka was raised with the mindset that vampires were the greatest species. The few centuries of her life were lived in relative peace. Feeding on who she wanted when she desired it with nought but the pesky slayers of the olden days who believed wooden stakes, holy water and crosses were enough to stop a vampires wrath. She lived to see the fear dawn on their faces when their attempts to kill her failed.

With all the time in the world she developed a love for warfare. She would spend hours watching the humans in their petty wars, observing their tactics, learning how to better them. She also spent much of her time learning how to fight with different weapons and was always the first in the family to get her hands on the latest and greatest weapons. It was through her love of warfare that she met her own love Markus. Another born vampire with a love for fighting. From the moment they met they were inseparable and married within half a century. A long time perhaps to humans, but when you live forever, a year passes like a minute.

And so the centuries rolled on and Senka fought side by side with Markus, against the werewolves and against the humans who dared to rise against them. Wars with the humans were easy, kept to the shadows and fought in silence hidden from view from those too naive to see the true gods of the earth. But the tides changed as the years passed. Humans grew stronger, fought better developed better weapons against them. In the year 1996, Senka's parents were killed by members of the DPA. They were the first of hundreds of elders that would fall and the vampires found themselves living in dark holes, fearing the humans.

But not Senka. Senka would not bow to an insubordinate race. With the help of her sister and Markus she led a war against the DPA. Many fell and continued to fall. They needed a new weapon, a new soldier that was immune to the weapons the human had developed. So the experimenting began, combinations of various DNA’s were tried and tested and hundreds failed until the Nahash were involved. While Senka detested using the human scientists to perfect the soldiers they were rapidly running out of options. After ten years of failed tests the perfect soldier was born.

The hybrid was their turning point in the war. Having had enough of the ignorance of humans, Senka and Pandora, her sister raised humanity’s cities to the ground. Destroying as many DPA strongholds as possible and wiping the cities of the human filth. Now they could rule as the true gods they were meant to. The only thing that stands in their way is the remaining DPA and the human’s government.

OOC Name: Nadia

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Lady Senka
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