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Welcome to the War
Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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Lady Pandora


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Age: 3030

Race: Purebred Vampire

Occupation: Leader of the Chthons

Allegiance: Chthons

Appearance: Eerily and ethereally beautiful, Pandora is a vampire who wields her looks in the political forum just as easily as she wields a weapon on the battlefield. She has a long, thick mane of golden blonde hair which is never loose in public but tied in some elaborate style by her ladies. Crystal blue is mixed with swirling greens to an eternal storm in her irises and never fail to unnerve men and women alike with their intensity. Pandora has a tall, lean figure which is typical of her family. To emphasis her power and wealth, she is often found in ornate and highly decorative clothing, sometimes a bit too much. This is, of course, added to by intricate jewellery collected from the globe.

Personality: A major superiority complex doesn’t begin to describe her. She seems to feed off the power and reputation and fears she’s nothing without it. This is her greatest anxiety and is a driving force behind a lot of her decisions because to lose the grip she shares with her sister on the Chthons would be the end of her. This, unfortunately, creates some suspicion for her sister Senka as well. This is a deep secret and would never allow Senka to know that, although she for the most part trusts her, there is always a lingering doubt. Paranoia has increased with every passing century and every husband lost – so much so that two died at her own hand as well as countless lovers who she suspected as spies, most probably weren’t.

On a day to day basis however, Pandora is calm and assertive – on the outside at least. She talks in clean, measured tones and only raises her voice in a heated argument to get her point across. This is very disarming.

History: Born to former leader of the Chthons, Lord Drake and his wife, she is the first of two daughters born to them. Both girls were indoctrinated from a young age, as were all pureblood vampires, with the teaching that their race was the true rulers of the Earth. Coming from a family with the highest status, this also meant that she was told that she was better than those of her own race as well. This is a belief which has guided her throughout her life.

For the first few centuries of her life, Pandora was rarely away from her father’s side. In those times of peace when they could feed and rule as they pleased, she learnt of the manipulative, cunning and often deadly ways of politics. It was also during this time she married her first husband, the son of a member of the Council of Elders, called Arthur. It was a politically sound choice which combined two of the strongest houses.

This marriage lasted a millennia and was very successful. In an attempt to keep bloodlines pure and to strengthen the ranks of their families, the pair produced ten children. This, to Pandora, never seemed enough. One every hundred years was frustratingly slow but with pure vampire reproduction so difficult and strenuous, they simply couldn’t have done anything more.

The perfect partnership wasn’t to last however. While on a feed, Arthur was attacked by the locals of his favourite village for his feasts. There was no surviving a wooden stake through the heart. When his body was found, Pandora and her children went on a murderous rampage across the village, killing not for sport or food as she usually did, but for revenge.

Tensions built between the two races and more such killings occurred at an alarmingly increased rate. Pandora would marry and lose husbands four more times over the next one and a half millennia before she finally gave up on such romantic pursuits and concentrated on punishing every human alive.

OOC Name: Gemma

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Lady Pandora
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