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Welcome to the War
Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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 Adele Blackwood

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Adele Blackwood

Adele Blackwood

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PostSubject: Adele Blackwood   Tue May 22, 2012 8:27 am


Age: 102

Race: Vampire

Occupation: Rescue Officer

Allegiance: Guardians

Appearance: Loose dark brown curls frame Adele’s pale slender face and hazel eyes. She very slim though well toned standing at around 5’4” and though she lacks height she is incredibly fast and agile. She dresses for comfort and occasion, preferring loose fitted trousers and strap tops to most other clothes. She never goes anywhere without her necklace which is a silver locket containing a picture of her late lover.

Personality: Adele is quite secretive about her past and doesn’t trust easily. She is quiet and introvert only opening only to a small few that are her near and dear, all of whom she is very protective of. She fights for what she believes in and she will let nothing stand in her way if she sets her mind to something. She doesn’t back down in an argument if she knows she is in the right and she will go to any length to prove she is right. Patient and calm, Adele doesn’t get angry often but when she does it is wise to stay well out her way.

History: Born is the middle of January 1911 to Louisa and Frank Blackwood, Adele’s was raised within a powerful vampire family. Her father stood on the Council of the Thirteen representing the fourth most powerful time. She had the world at her finger tips but her parents were not willing to let their child become a spoilt brat so they made her work for what she wanted, whether it was polishing the silver with the cleaners or later on in life assisting her father with important visitors. Through such a childhood she quickly learned the rewards of hard work and working with her father taught her the ways of handling people, even if you didn’t like them.

In her free time Adele absorbed herself in books, preferring to spend her nights between sheets of old books than out with others of her own age hunting. By the time she was 16 her parents realised their daughter was not feeding as a vampire of their class. She should have been hunting her food, stamping her mark on humanity and turning others but she saw no reason to when there was always blood in the house provided by the Thirteen’s vast blood bank. When her parents confronted Adele’s about this she told them she didn’t want to hunt, that humanity did not deserve to be demeaned to nothing but cattle.

To Adele’s surprise, her supportive family turned on her. Exiling her from any area controlled by them and disowned from the family. She later learnt that the Drake family had a strong grip on them and had told them that unless such action was taken, their family would lose their position on the council. It was an act that she would neither forget nor forgive and for a while she trusted no one.

She spent the next ten years stealing to survive. She stole only from vampires, taking anything of value from them to fund her life. She found a man called Charles who, surprisingly at the time, was sympathetic and respectful towards vampires. He had and idealistic dream that one day vampires would be the guardians of the human race and that this phase of seeing them as inferiors would pass and harmony would be with us all. It was unrealistic and completely impossible as far as Adele was concerned but she warmed to him quickly. Visiting him often just to listen to his ideas of the future, what was nothing more than a business arrangement became much more and the two engaged in a relationship that was entirely unnatural in the eyes of the vampires.

Her frequent visits and dropped guard was the death of her lover. The Drake family had tracked her down and upon learning of her relationship drank Charles dry and left his body for her to find in his small flat in Moscow, the words Death to those who defy the 13’ scrawled numerously across the walls in his blood.

Adele should have fled, she should have run from Russia but she could not let go of her lover and so she went on the warpath hunting down every person that had participated and destroying their lives before killing them. For fifty years she plotted, planned and tortured her way through the lives of eight vampire’s lives. Her final target was Antonio Drake, Pandora’s husband. Her greatest pleasure was in his death, to know that she had taken from Pandora what had been taken from her. She left the broken and near dead vampire to die outside the Drake’s house in the rising sun, his eyes ripped from his skull so he couldn’t see the sun and his fangs missing. His teeth were later posted to Pandora with a simple message ‘I will defy you all.’

Her love avenged, Adele left Russia and moved to England. But now she had finished her goal, she felt hollow and lost, she learnt then that nothing could change the path and no matter how much satisfaction she got from avenging Charles, it would never fill the gap that he left in her heart.

Word had spread quickly through the black market of a defiant vampire that had killed for her human lover. Supporters of such an act quickly formed and a rebellion started but Adele had gone off the radar and without the leader they needed, the rebellion crumbled within a year. Keeping a low profile Adele spent most of her time in the wild feeding off the animals, she did not cover her feeding tracks well though and the report of the strange deaths reached both the ears of the DPA and the Guardians.

The DPA wanted her for information to bring down the Chthon’s but no matter what they offered her she refused. She did not wan t get tied up in a war she could not fight. She had killed too many of her own already and she did not want to do it again. The guardians however, offered her a purpose and a life where she did not have to hide from everyone. She joined them aged 80 and has began helping protect a rescue other preternatural’s. The group lacked any true form of organisation and were often raided by the Nahash for their ‘treasures’, until Jacob Garrison joined them and quickly became their leader, bringing security and order to the determined organisation.

When the war struck, Adele’s ideals were turned on their head once more, and Charles’ idealistic world where vampires and humans could live in harmony visit her mind often. Everyone knew they existed, and now they knew and the Chthon’s had stamped their mark of hatred upon humans the war would never end until one species was extinct. Adele didn’t want this to happen, the vampires needed human’s to survive, but humans would never need them. Yet even as impossible as it seemed, even though the rest of the world could not see such a world, Adele could see the dream Charles had, and she was hell bent on making sure every other guardian could see it.

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Adele Blackwood
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