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Welcome to the War
Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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The Bloody Times
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Calling all Guardians
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 Race Index

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Sadie Smith

Sadie Smith

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PostSubject: Race Index   Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:39 am

Race Index


Humans: Highly common, or at leats they were. Humans believed themselves to be the dominant species, ruling the world. And in a way, they were right, at least until now.

Vampires:Believed to be the ‘undead’ vampires look like humans, save for their pale skin and elongated canines. They need blood to survive and are extremely fast and powerful. Sunlight and silver are their weaknesses.
Read more

Werewolves: Part man part wolf, the werewolf can change form at will depending on its age, or when the moon calls for it. They spend most of their time in human form and have lived among us for hundreds of years. Only now that their existence has been brought to the worlds light do they suffer scrutiny form humanity.
Read more here

Elves: Human in appearance save for their pointed ears, elves are the true beauties of the earth, a peaceful race with a unique connection to nature and all its beasts.
Read more here

Goblins: Short humanoid creatures with mottled greyish green skin. These creatures are evil and mischevious, with a deep sense of loyalty to those who make the effort to build friendships. No weapon can beat that of a goblin-made weapon.
Read more here

Centaurs: Half man half horse, this race roams our open plains and forests. They consider themselves clairvoyant and can be extremely arrogant, generally keeping themselves to themselves.
Read more here

Merfolk: The head and torso of a human yet the tail of a fish, these creatures have lived in our waters since the beginning of time. A serene race that only fight wars among themselves and tend not to get involved with the battles above their watery homes.
Read more here

Fairies: No larger than 4 inches in height, these creatures of our childhood are a corss between humans and insects. Wherever there is nature, there is a fairy. One of the few races that posses magic they are playful and mischevious.
Read more here

Hamadryad: Similar looking to elves, these creatures are small in stature with a deep connection to trees, so much so that they can share some plant like characteristics. A peaceful race often sought after to be used as negotiators.
Read more here



These races cannot be played by anyone due to their nature and their strength. You can however NPC them until your heart’s content!! Smile

Hybrid: The creature that turned the war, created in a laboratory, it is not born or turned. Only the Chthon’s have the ability to create these creatures. A hybrid created from combining vampire and werewolf DNA, they stand on average at eight feet in height. These monsters were bred for one thing and one thing only: to kill.
Read more here

Dragons: these scaled, winged beats can vary in both colour and size, from small pigmy dragons no higher than a human’s waist to great beasts the size of building. Mostly living in the mountains some have been captured and enslaved by vampires.
Read more here


Got an idea for a race, playable or non-playable? Feel free to request it to be added to the list. We are open to any ideas. We will be adding to this list as time goes on so remember to watch this space!
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Race Index
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