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Earth will never be the same again. Life as we know it has gone.
A War like no other grips the world like a vice, a war that will determine the survival of humanity. The Chthons have taken our cities and our towns, civilians live in encampments scattered around the world, praying they will not be found while the governments hide in their bunkers bickering over how they will stop this force.
Meanwhile the DPA do their utmost to protect survivors and the Guardians fight hard to keep the other supernatural's out of this deadly battle. The Nahash are doing whatever it takes to keep their pockets full of gold, all the while the vampires claw their way to the top of the food chain once more.
What will you do to survive?
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 Breakfast for the Goddesses

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Lady Senka

Lady Senka

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PostSubject: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:09 am

Draped across the throne in Buckingham palace, her back resting on one arm of the throne, her legs dangling over the other Senka was positively drooling as the small band of humans were brought in, her husband Markus, leading them. Stripped of their weapons the small DPA squad had been over whelmed, by sheer force in numbers, only eight of them survived, their human instinct forcing them to give up and be caught rather than join the fate of the rest of their squad.

The night was young and she was thirsty. As were the other

“Oh look Pandora.” said Senka her voice sickly sweet. “My dear husband has brought us breakfast.” Markus knelt in front of her and bowed his head.

“My dear Queen.” he mocked. Senka swung her legs round and got to her feet, swinging a playful but hard kick at Markus which he blocked with arm before her boot reached his face. Climbing to his feet he drew Senka close to him kissing her fiercely, not caring about everyone else in the room. Passion and desire flared with Senka but she pulled free. “Later my love.” She whispered to him, before slipping out of his grasp and moving to inspect the humans.

“Eeny, meeny, miney mo...” she said as she moved down the line. She could smell their fear, see the sweat rolling down their faces, one was whispering prayers to himself. Senka’s cruel smile widened at this and she pulled the man sharply towards her. He let out a girl-like scream. Senka laughed and let him go.

“What do you think, Sis?” she crooned at her sister. “Age before beauty, you pick first.” She said moving away from them and back to Markus who was leaning on the wall, his eyes watching Senka’s every move.
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Lady Pandora

Lady Pandora

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:19 am

With her long legs stretched out straight before her, Pandora sat on the large window sill with her back against the wall. They were in a large, cavernous room which was most likely designed originally for official functions but she didn’t care for it much. As glorious as this building was, it was a human creation. The fact that they occupied it was simply a statement in Pandora’s eyes, a powerful symbolic gesture but a gesture just the same.

The vampire barely acknowledged the humans who entered, only her eyes flickered toward the door momentarily and her nose wrinkled. Their fleshy smell was abhorrent, an utter assault to her senses made worse, of course, by the perspiration which was evidently soaking them. Instead she looked out of the high window onto the barren streets where only pigeons and squirrels now dared to linger. A blanket of foreboding clouds, which recently seemed forever present, had settled over the capital and light drops of rain splattered across the pane of glass.

In the background Senka and Markus were playing their games, she saw them in the reflection, but ignored it. She turned to look at the men and women up and down slowly. As much as she loved her sister, for Senka had become the only constant in her otherwise lonely life, she never understood her love for playing with her food. As Pandora planted her leather boots on the floor and rose to her full height, she realised that Senka was still able to enjoy the simple pleasures, pleasures Pandora saw as trivial. She would’ve had them dead by now.

Slowly she approached them. The stench was becoming intolerable. Perhaps her sister had it right, after all Pandora was three thousand years young, and there was still time to find the beauty in a human’s strangled screams of pain. How exquisite it could be to watch the horror in their eyes as they feared for their own pathetic mortality. A shudder of desire coursed through her veins.

Pandora still had much to learn from her younger sibling and for that she would forever be in her debt.

A tall, heavily muscled soldier in the middle was trying to be brave Pandora noted. She watched as his chest heaved with laboured breaths through his nose but his mouth was dead set and his eyes were fixed forward. A sly smile crept upon her lips. She would bring him to his knees and make him beg.

“That one.” She replied in perfect Russian, an old tactic to confuse the prisoners to raise their panic levels because they had no idea what was going on. This fact brought a happiness to Pandora’s soul... well according to humans they had no souls because they were ‘evil’ and ‘devoid of life.’ Life as humans defined it in their arrogant way. She wondered what they would think if they knew she had cried every day of half a century for the loss of her first husband. A quote popped into her mind humans demonise what they cannot understand.

Hatred, a loathing like no other, suffused her being and she suddenly struck out, unable to hold back. The soldier went flying backward onto the floor and she jumped upon him, her slender frame sat on his firm belly. She pressed her hand against his chest and felt his heart beat wildly against her palm.

The terror in his eyes was palpable; she felt it bleed from his every pore. “Weak creatures.” She hissed in heavily accented English as leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands on either side of his head. When he tried to throw her off she did what came instinctively to her and dug her teeth into warm, soft skin of his neck and bit down hard. The blood curdling screams was a melodic tune to her ears but soon died away as the life physically drained from him.

Pandora got up and turned toward Senka and approached the throne. “I just couldn’t hold out from killing him,” she sounded disappointed in herself, “how do you not wring their little puny necks the moment you see them?”
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Plato Dresden

Plato Dresden

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:03 am

Buckingham palace was a beautiful place, even in its wrecked state there was a sense of grandeur surrounding it. For centuries it had been the seat of power in the United Kingdom and that in itself was reason enough for its occupation by the Chthon forces. As long as it remained a beacon of humanity’s hope then it would be forever used as a rallying image. That sentiment could easily be said for any of the major human landmarks dotted around the Globe. Without their history humans were nothing.

The throne room was an expansive room, ornate and decorated with precision but paled in significance to the presence of the leaders of the Vampire movement. The ethereal beauty of his brothers and sisters of the clan around him easily outshone the decor, none other than Pandora who had remained passive and stoic since they gained their foothold. It was nigh impossible to please her, even their latest victory hadn’t changed the emotionless barrier she portrayed on her face, and it annoyed Plato to no end. As her lover/plaything he wanted her to be happy, because when she was happy she favoured him.

Stood in the shadowy corner of the room Plato kept out of sight from Senka, Pandora and the rest of the Council. This had been his first major incursion into a human city, which he had been in the vanguard of. The thrill of the fight was exhilarating and the constantly flowing blood sated him for a long time, but it wasn’t until the group of prisoners were hauled in front of Senka that he was suddenly felt hunger. As they group brought in his eyes scanned them and saw the fear in their face and it didn’t take Plato long to notice the DPA insignias on their clothes and it took every bit of restraint to hold back a snarl.

As long as he could remember the DPA had been a thorn in the side of vampires around the world. So the moment he realised they were members of that organisation he wanted them to die. Instantly.

Plato took a step forward before an outstretched arm held him in place reminding him of his position. He had no right to interfere with the Leaders actions. It took him a few seconds to understand before he relaxed and pushed the arm away from his torso. The young vampire was simply an observer and he should use this chance to watch and learn how things were done by vampires.

Senka’s toying with the human grew a sly grin on his face, but Pandora once again drew his gaze. The younger Drake sister could not win when compared to her sister. The paleness of Pandora’s skin glimmered in the moonlight that burst through the window overlooking a devastated London. She was beauty personified. His pale blue eyes followed her as she stood from the window sill and chose her victim, whose terror was palpable to say the least. As she pounced on him and sunk her teeth into his neck he felt a longing, both to feed and sexually. In Plato’s eyes there was nothing like watching a woman drain the blood out of a human to get your blood pumping.
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Lady Senka

Lady Senka

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Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:23 am

Senka watched her sister, with her impassive emotionless face as she rose from her seat at the window and moved to inspect the humans. Senka remembered the days where her sister would have enjoyed the taunting as much as she, when laughter and tears were usual. But now, now after so much loss and suffering, Pandora had become cold, almost as soulless as the humans believed them to be.

Senka knew her sister was still here, beneath the layers of steel she had cast herself in, and it was in these moments that she caught a flicker of the old Pandora, it was in her eyes for just a second, then something flashed across her sisters mind and the steel doors slammed shut once more as she lashed out at her chosen victim sending him skidding across the room. Senka closed her eyes then sadness touching her. Markus saw it and slipped his hand into hers. The bond between these two sisters ran deep and Markus would never see what Senka saw, but he knew when Senka was sad, even if he couldn’t understand why he would do his best to support her.

And Senka was grateful for it. She was grateful for every night that he returned to her, unharmed alive and still hers. If Pandora was the example of what she was to become if she lost her love she would do her best to avoid losing him.

She smiled as her sister approached. “Because I like to see them suffer. If I snap their necks there is no satisfaction, no payment for the lives they have taken. I would much prefer to hear them scream in pain and make them suffer the way we have.” She moved forward stalking among them again, the man she had made scream earlier had fallen to his knees when his comrade died; she ignored him listening only to their heart beats. Fast and panicky.

All but one, there was one steady beat among the rapid one. A solider stood; his eyes closed his head bowed. Senka recognised the white collar about his neck which marked him as a priest. A hiss left her lips. These were the men that started the demonising of vampires. She stood in front of him.

“Where is your God now priest?” she spat at him. He opened his eyes his gaze cool and steady.

“Waiting to greet me at heavens gates.” he replied.

Senka smirked, her hand snapping forward to grasp his throat, she yanked him forward. “There is no place in heaven for those tainted by the demons from hell.” She whispered. His heart raced then, realisation dawning on him that his god could not save him from this. He struggled, but it was short lived as Senka sunk her teeth into his neck, his warm blood spilt into her mouth, its copper taste intensely satisfying. She could feel every gulp filling her own veins with life and strength, and when she was satisfied she threw the body from herself, the red glow of her eyes that marked her as a vampire shone more brightly than before. She wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth with the tip of her finger, admiring the deep red colour of it before placing it in her mouth and sucking it off.

She moved back towards her sister, waving the other council members forward to have their fill. “If we are to rule over them, Dora,” she said in a low voice “We must learn to tolerate them, because as much as it pains me to say it. We need them to live if we are to survive.” Al this was said in a low voice, though the commotion of the council taking their fill was more than enough noise to ensure these words, were heard only by Pandora.

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Lady Pandora

Lady Pandora

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:24 am

A piercing cry reverberated throughout the large bedchamber. Pandora had heard this agonised sound which came with the infliction of great pain many times but it had always been from humans, this was something quite different. Despite how this situation troubled her, she couldn’t stop.

“Tell me what you said.” She hissed; her mouth only centimetres from his ear. When Dmitri gave only a whimper in return, she leaned back so she straddled him and held the pure silver dagger firmly in her cold grasp. He was still naked after their intimacy only hours before and so she looked down at his bare chest and found a section, just below the lower left rib, which she hadn’t sliced open yet and pressed the sharp blade into the deathly pale flesh.

Another scream bounced off the stone walls and so seemed to surround her. Anger was raging within her like an untamed beast and she only scarcely had control of the reigns. She stopped and when he quietened down, she continued. “I know someone tipped off the Azarov family and because of that my family has lost a seat on the council. What else have you been saying?” When he didn’t answer she screamed the question at him again but it was useless.

Pandora had only been married to husband number four for only ten years, it had been a rash decision to marry someone so young from an up and coming family, but she’d been taken by him. Over the decade there had been several times she’d suspected him for something but she’d wanted desperately to believe he wouldn’t betray her. Her spies couldn’t specifically trace all the political backstabbing to him but it was all making sense.

“Pa... Pandora.” He whispered breathlessly, “I would never...”

She looked down at his earnest expression but knew she couldn’t continue like this. The paranoia was driving her insane. She was done with this. She’d been torturing him for over an hour on their huge, oak four poster bed and nothing had come of it. Closing her eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to look as she brought the dagger above her head, clasping it with both hands, and swiftly with all her might sunk it into his chest.

Senka’s words resonated with her and maybe in time she’d be able to join her sister in such pursuits but for now perhaps quick and easy was the way for the elder sister. From her position on the throne, sitting regally with her back straight and her legs crossed before her, she watched as Senka had her way with the priest.

It was far more fun to watch Pandora thought. She took enjoyment from it because Senka enjoyed it. She nodded her head in response to her words, “tolerance is something I’ll leave you to you sister. The sooner they’re bred for the specific purpose as our food the better.” Her eyes went to the ruckus of the feed, it was a beautiful sight and this really was how it was destined to be or, as her father put it, the natural order.

One thing struck Pandora as odd, there was no sign of Plato. He was always somewhere within her vicinity. Standing up, she wandered to the back of the room where she found him and then she quickly called. “Keep one for my Plato.”

There were four left untouched. She wanted to test him, to see if he knew how to play with his food or, like herself, found the whole process laborious. Indicating with a nod of her head to the four left, she gave him a smile, “you’re turn to play Plato.”

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Plato Dresden

Plato Dresden

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:20 am

The feast that occurred was intense. Every vampire in this room was given a human to feed upon, but Plato hung back as if he was scouting the room and he didn’t move until Pandora was at his side. His lips curled into a grin as she called out behind her to save him one. Pandora had always been dominant over Plato, not only because of her title and position but also she was the first one to come to him after his Parent’s deaths. The Dresdens had been long supporters of the Drake’s claim to power, so she had come to Plato to secure his support as the new member of the Council. The cynic in Plato knew it was just a political trick to keep her support steady, but the optimist in him won out and was enamoured to her magnetism and charm.

Never in his life had he met someone like Pandora, who piqued his curiosity so far he threw caution to the wind and let Pandora in. His leap of faith had been rewarded. Even though he inherited his father’s position he expected to be stonewalled on so many decisions, but with his new allegiance with Pandora he saw doors opened for him; all of course in an attempt to get to Pandora through him though he managed to sway a few favours his way.

Plato returned the nod Pandora gave him and walked towards the centre of the room where the majority of the vampires were still feeding on their victims. It was a beautiful sight to see. Each vampire had their own habits when feeding, some liked to do it privately while others liked to do it in the dull view of everything. Plato was a strange one when it came to his feeding habits; he liked privacy but loved the idea of people catching glimpses of it. He reached the centre of the room where the four humans left were knelt on the floor, they look pitiful and Plato could only smile at the thought. They were in their rightful place as inferior to their natural born rulers.

To say that the rest of the council had taken the best choices of prey would be an understatement, those that were left were slim pickings, but there was one that jumped out to Plato. She couldn’t have been older than nineteen years but her face looked as if she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders. The fact that she was about to meet her doom wouldn’t have relieved any of that stress. The young vampire looked her up and down and if she wasn’t human she would have been considered beautiful; long blonde hair, a petite frame and soft skin he had to remind himself that she was for dinner not pleasure.

She kept her face pointed towards the floor as Plato knelt down in front of her his slender fingers reaching out to her chin that flinched in his hand. Her entire body was shaking and stifled whimpers were coming out of her mouth, but all Plato could think was how interesting this experience was. He had never seen this reaction from a human when faced with a vampire, they tended to either attempt to fight or retreat into a severe shock. This girl was an oddity to the rest of her race. Plato couldn’t help himself but lift her chin so they were face to face, but she did not see a vampire about to kill her but he offered her a smile, almost warm and caring.

“Now, now,” he said in a strong German accent. “Don’t be scared.”

“Plea...please let me go,” she whispered so inaudible he barely heard her.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere,” Plato replied with a smile.

As he stood he pulled her up with him. Slowly he led her to the nearest window overlooking the wrecked City of London. With each step he felt the girl resist him but he was resolute, pulling her every step of the way before he placed her in front with her back to him. Plato’s hands held her shoulders in a loose grip, she could have slipped away but by the time she was stood looking out to the city she loved she resigned to her fate. Her only resistance now were the quiet whimpers leaving her mouth.

Plato’s mouth hovered near her ear, “Look at your city as it burns under our might for this is what happens when you defy the natural order of things.” His hand moved to her the other side of her head that he pulled to the side revealing her throat’s soft skin, “Now, do you know you can never beat us?” She whispered something inaudible that was drowned out in her screams as Plato sunk his teeth into her neck.

He drank and drank as the girl’s body went limp in his arms, holding her up to continue to feed, until he dropped her out of his arms. He looked down to her, a custom his father had taught him to do to see your victims as they died. Her lifeless eyes remained open; she died with the sight of the city in ruins. A last ditch attempt at resistance on her part? To Plato it didn’t matter because she was now dead, like the rest of her comrades in arms.

Slowly he wandered back to the centre of the room looking for Pandora he cast his eyes to her and offered her nothing but a sly grin.
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Lady Senka

Lady Senka

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Age : 30

PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Sat May 12, 2012 6:17 am

Senka rolled her eyes as Pandora called out for Plato, exchanged a disgusted look with Markus. She never liked Plato, being the last of his line made him one of the weakest families of the council and his relationship with Pandora was, as far as Senka was concerned a dangerous one. “Yes,” she agreed her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Keep one for the pet.” she finished under her breath.

She had toyed with the idea of ‘loosing’ him on a hunt and watching the runt die slowly while telling her sister the DPA had gotten him, but she had held back. Perhaps it was because Pandora was so paranoid she would never allow someone as slimy as him to get anywhere close to a position of power, or perhaps she believed Pandora would kill him eventually anyway. She watched him carefully as Markus wrapped his arms around her waist, standing behind her.

“I don’t like him.” he whispered in Senka’s ear. Senka smirked and reached a hand up to stroke Markus’ cheek. “Patience my love.” she replied softly. Patience was something every vampire was a master at. They had lived for hundreds of years, what difference would a few more months make? She would push Plato from Pandora bit by bit. She would feed her sister what lies were necessary to make her want to kill Plato.

For a brief moment she felt a little guilty at using her sister’s paranoid state of mind in such a way, but it was only a moment and it quickly passed. Once everyone had had their feed she waved her arm for the corpses to be removed, though three living still remained. They were all pale and silent, distraught by witnessing such a massacre. “Poor things.” Senka said in a mocking voice and a fake pout, before a small laugh escaped her. “Take them to the concentration camp.” she told Markus who bowed and moved away from her summoning two more with him to lead the humans from the room.

“To business then.” she told her sister, and indication for the council meeting to begin. This was her sister’s show. Senka was here purely for the military side of things, and to also keep a close eye on Plato.

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Lady Pandora

Lady Pandora

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   Tue May 22, 2012 7:04 am

Pandora watched the proceedings without feeling anything at all. It was all very well having fun but that hadn’t achieved a single thing. In fact she had fed last night, a simple solitary mission to an unguarded town where she found a man living alone. Stupid human. It had been swift and effortless and satisfied her needs.

The sly grin which she was gifted from Plato was, however, a little worth it. Smiling back briefly, she was eager to get this show started. Killing was a sport Pandora simply didn’t play but could understand why her sister did. The feeling of a blade sinking in the chest of a lover was enough to put her off for life... however long that would be. The elder sister directed them into the adjoining room which was smaller than the last but no less grand.

Sitting regally in the middle of the cavernous room was a large oak table with sixteen matching high backed seats. Pandora took her place at the top of the table and waited as the Council of Thirteen took their positions. Leaning back, she crossed one long leg over the other and looked down at her laced fingers. They were adorned with exquisitely crafted rings of precious metals and stones, each a gift. She never needed to buy her own jewellery with so many men wanting to curry favour with her.

Once everyone was seated, Pandora opened the table for topics of discussion for the members. She always did it first to get them over and done with. So she leant, her fingers gently caressed the inlay of the table, and started. “Thank you for coming today, as always let’s open the proceedings with topics you’d like to raise.”

With that she fell back into the chair and rested her hands on the thick, padded arms and watched as the bickering would begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Breakfast for the Goddesses   

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Breakfast for the Goddesses
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